Department of Clinical Affairs

The Department of Clinical Affairs as a subdivision of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University was established in 2015 by the rector’s order.

The setting up and development of the Department of Clinical Affairs since the establishment of Ternopil Medical Institute has involved such personalities: Prof. N.I. Tumashova, Prof. B.I. Rudyk, Prof. L.Ya. Kovalchuk, Prof. V.V. Bihuniak, Assoc. Prof. I.Ya. Hospodarskyi, prof. I. Yashan, Assoc. Prof A.D. Bedeniuk, Prof. L.S. Babinets, Prof. M.I. Shved, Prof. N.I. Yarema.

Prof. S.Yo. Zaporozhan have been the head of medical treatment and preventive affairs of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil State Medical University since 2015. Implementation of medical treatment and preventive practice by the academic staff of clinical departments due to the European and World levels and standards as well as fulfilment of the tasks defined in the concept of public health care development in Ukraine are the main area of the department activity.

The department carries out the planning, arrangement and management of medical and diagnostic activities, control over the quality and effectiveness of treatment process, as well as records and reports on clinical affairs; performs analysis of work and implementation of innovative technologies into medical treatment and diagnostic process and therapeutic practice of academic faculties, research institutes and departments of the university; provides testing and usage of advanced scientific technologies in clinical practice.

Educational and training centres of primary health care, Ternopil University Hospital, Department of Dentistry, Disease Prevention Centre, clinical departments of the university are administered by the Department of Clinical Affairs.

The Department of Clinical Affairs co-operates with regional, city and district health care facilities, and makes connections and builds relationships with educational and research institutions, organizations, enterprises, as well as foreign ones. In particular, in 2015-2016, cooperation agreements were signed with Zalishchyky Regional Municipal Hospital for Disabled War Veterans and Exonerates, Bilche-Zolote Regional Physiotherapeutic Rehabilitation Hospital, Municipal Institution of Ternopil Regional Council “Regional AIDS Centre” and Ternopil City Municipal Institution “Primary Health Care Centre”, Polish company “MedlineSp. Z.O.O.” on establishment of a simulation centre, the Department of Health Care of Rivne Regional State Administration, Ternopil Regional Territorial Medical Association and Ternopil Regional Specialized Municipal Children’s Home “Maliatko”.

Vice-Rector for Science, Education and Clinical Affairs Prof. S.Yo. Zaporozhan

Department staff (from left to right), 2016: V.M. Tvorko, S.Yo. Zaporozhan, N.M. Pylypko, Yu.M. Herasymets